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  • Multiple Legal Entities, Branches & Divisions
  • Concept of Cost Centre as basis of MIS reporting
  • Concept of Book Closure date to block Editing of transactions prior to this date
  • Up to 3 levels of authrorisation
  • Restrict authorisation on the basis of Branch & Divisions
  • Generate document numbers on yearly / monthly / daily basis
  • Generate prefix/suffix in document numbers based on Branch, Division or even Bank/Cash accounts
  • Users can customize their Menu
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  • Build on RDBMS (MS SQL Server*) for robust security
  • Comprehensive Access Rights restricting users to access to specified options only.
  • For each option, ADD/EDIT/DELETE access can further be specified
  • Restrict users to access specified Branches, Divisions, Locations, Agents, Item masters and Subledgers (Parties)
  • Restrict users to Edit self-created transactions only
  • Restrict users to Edit transactions created since specified number of days in the past
  • Restrict Users to change Posting Date in EDIT mode
  • Enable quantity to be picked from Weighment Device in GRNs (no manual intervention)
  • Concept of linking Users with Profile
  • Transaction Audit Recording & related reports
  • Various Daily reports - who has captured which Transactions, who has generated which report how many times, Checklist of Transaction created
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  • Email Integration: CORALerp can generate for reports at pre-scheduled time. It can also generate transaction based e-mails.
  • SMS Integration: CORALerp can generate transaction based SMS.
  • Need based SMS Transmission
  • Mobile Phone Applications: Mobile applications, integrated with CORALerp can be developed
  • Dash Board: Dashboards can be custom made to provide single point view of your business.
  • Documents Attachment facility - with each transaction
  • Data Exchange capability of CORALerp allows it to export / import data with Third party software, like Weigh Bridge, Point-of-Sales and other Enterprise software
  • CORAL erp can import data from Excel
  • CORAL erp can import Party & Item masters from ACE*
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  • No requirement for Pre-printed Stationery, all document printings designed in A4/A5 size
  • Option to print Logo in document printings (separately branch / division wise)
  • Option to print address and other details branch / division wise document printings
  • Concept of Notation master to print on top of document printings notations such as, "Original for buyer", "Duplicate for Transporter', etc.
  • Bulk Printing of any Document based on date range, document no. or User
  • CORAL erp supports printing multiple document printing formats from a single document
  • CTS Compliant Cheque printing, with user specified cheque Crossing
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  • Concept of Dynamic Product Attributes: Attributes (such as Grade, Color/Shade, Lot, Size, etc.) can be configured for different product groups. Information relating to these can be captured at transaction level. CORAL erp also has capability to define 'Flexi Reports' to generate reports on the basis of these Attributes. 13 such product attributes are available.
  • Enforce Business Flow optionally: One of the key features of any ERP is to enforce business flow. But it takes time for any organisation to adapt to this. CORAL erp provides flexibility to implement strict business flow gradually, in case all the departments are not prepared for it.
  • Bulk editing of Item & Sub-ledger master
  • On-line master creation
  • Editing of Linked Data can be facilitated
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  • Concept of Effects allows CORAL erp seamless up-gradation and customisation, ensuring integrity of existing standard reports of CORAL erp.
  • The Effect Concept enables it to render all reports on Real Time basis. No batch processing.
  • CORAL erp developments, standard as well as customised, is deployed using a simple process called GDS (Global Deployment System). It takes few minutes only.
  • CORAL erp's unique system architecture keeps it agile for future up-gradation and customisation.

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