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Metal Re-cycling
Buy or Sell ? How much and at what rate ? Funds required to clear expected import shipments ? Exact Landed Cost of Imports, Segment-wise working capital management, etc. A well implemented CORALerp resolved all these pertinent issues.

Bakery (Biscuits & Cakes)
CORAL erp addressed industry issues like, Daily synopsis of about Manpower status, Machine Break downs, No. of Batches run, Wastage & Defective Stock, Stock of Key RMs and Dispatches details, Quality & Process Control, Damaged Biscuits, Sales Schemes, Depot Sales and stock management at Depots.
Processes relating to settlement of Transporters invoices, Order - to - Dispatch, Procurement, Payroll processing & Fixed Assets were rationalised. Gamut of compliances relating to Excise, GTA, VAT, TDS, PF, ESI, P. Tax, etc are also handled by ERP. And the fast growing group's multiple legal entities and geographical spread is entirely handled by a single umbrella centralised solution. Secondary Sales Tracking has also been implemented with integration with ACE (being used by Super Stockists).

Textiles (Yarn to Cloth)

Project Management (in Water Treatment industry)
The scope of CORALerp implementation included key areas relating to Milestone wise tracking of projects, assigning & tracking various tasks for each milestone, performance management, Project wise Procurement (MRP), Lead time analysis, Vendor ratings, Production Planning & Resource Management & Pre-Sales/CRM. Typical legal & commercial issues relating to running invoices for projects has also been considered.

Compliance for Listed companies (in energy Sector)
Facilitating Business Segment reporting and Corporate Governance & other compliance (publishing un-audited quarterly results) of a listed company was the major challenge successfully met by CORALerp. Consolidation of various legal entities (SPVs) was also done apart from successfully implementing HR & Payroll, Fixed Assets Accounting and decentralised capturing of important activities from various sites like Generation information, Dak Register, etc.

Test & Measurement Solution

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