Add-ons of ACE - Business Accounting Software

     ACE.IT Replacement & warranty tracking software  
  • Enter your data serial number wise
  • Option to generate serial no of item automatically where items serial nos are in consecutive order
  • Search by parts serial no.
  • Item-wise / Serial no-wise stock
  • Group-wise / Product-wise stock
  • Items due to be replaced to customers
  • Replacement due from principal
  • Online printing of bill / Challan, etc.
  •      PayNslip Utility to print Bank Pay-in-Slip & manage post-dated cheques  
    Basic Features
  • Single point entry of multiple cheques
  • User defined format of Pay-in-Slip
  • Multiple formats of Pay-in-Slip for different banks
  • On-line printing of Pay-in-Slip
  • Ready to present at bank counter
  • Auto generation of corresponding vouchers from Pay-in-Slip
  • PDC entry option
  • PDCs due reminder at day start
  • PDCs do not affect accounts and can be posted on their current date
  • Pending PDCs list
  • Outstanding report with or without effect of PDCs
  • Cash Book with or without the effect of PDCs
  • Cash Deposit Slip printing
  •      ACE for Textile Traders
    Basic Features
  • Bale no-wise / LR no-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g.Suitings - 23565 - 3363)
  • Group-wise / Product-wise / Bale no-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Vimal - Suitings / 23565)
  • Location-wise / Product-wise / Brand-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Mumbai - Suitings - 23565)
  • LR no.-wise stock statement
    (e.g. Suitings - 23565 - 3363)
  • Online Bill / Challan with complete Bale details
  • Option to enable Free Quantity Stock maintenance
  •      ACE for Paper Traders  
    Basic Features
  • Reel no-wise / Size -wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Cream Wove- 56325 - A4")
  • Group-wise / Product-wise / Reel no-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Xerox papers - Cream Wove- 56325)
  • Location-wise / Product-wise / Reel no-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Calcutta - Cream Wove- 56325)
  • Size -wise stock statement (e.g. Cream Wove- 56325 - A4")
  •      ACE in Pharmaceuticals  
    Basic Features
  • Batch-wise / Expiry date-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Rantac 300 - P0002B - 31/10/2000)
  • Group-wise / Product-wise / Batch no-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. J.B.Chemical - Rantac 300 - P0002B)
  • Location-wise / Product-wise / Batch no.-wise Stock Ledger
    (e.g. Mumbai - Rantac 300 - P0002B)
  • Expiry date-wise stock statement (Rantac 300 - P0002B - 31/10/2000)
  • Online Bill / Challan with complete batch details
  • Auto generation of Batch number
  • Check for duplicate Batch number
  • Free quantity register
  •      ACE for Housing Societies, Promoters, etc.  
    Enter one month's Electricity, Rent, Maintanance bills, subsequent months' bills are generated by ACE using Bulk Bill Copying facility.
    Basic Features
  • Rent Bills - Current bills are generated on the basis of earlier month's. Date, narration and rate can be specified.
  • Electric Bills - Auto carry forward of previous month's meter reading
  • Generate Electric bills on the basis of current reading at specified electric rate
  • Option to Auto round off and Discount a/c for electricity bills
  • Outstanding in respect of maintenance, electricity, rent as well as overall position
  •      ACE for Plywood Industry  
    Basic Features
  • Enter width & height, it will compute the sq.ft area
  • Rate will be applied on sq.ft area
  • Thickness (mm) can also be entered to compute Notional Area
  • Maintain stock on the basis of notional area
  • Since ACE allows entire bill to be re-designed, it is possible to print width, height, area, rate and amount in bill in columner form
  •      ACE for FMCG Distributors  
    Basic Features
  • Define Product-wise / Month-wise Target for each agent
  • Target can be in terms of Quantity or Amount or both
  • Comparison chart of Target performance with Actual
  • Option to set uniform target for each month automatically

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