CORAL erp : General management         (Flowchart)

      Entry modules
  • Task assign: To assign any kind of task in the organization and classify and set due dates. A very versatile and indispensable tool to manage jobs, being randomly assigned by one person to another. Useful reports available which can be filtered assignor-wise, assignee-
  • Task close: To complete assigned tasks and further assign tasks, if required. In fact the above two tools are available from all entry modules.
  • Visitors Inward: To record details of inward visitors.
  • Visitors Outward: To record details of outward visits made by members of the organization.
  • Materials Inward: To record details of materials received at the security gate, this is with reference to a purchase order earlier issued.
  • Materials Outward: To record details of materials leaving the premises (from security gate).
  • Communication - In & Out: To record all inward and outward communication, by whatever mode.
  • Knowledge base: To prepare knowledge base with reference to various documents.

  • Task status report: To know how many tasks done and due during a given period, can be filtered assignor-wise, assignee-wise, nature of task wise.
  • Manuals: Generate manuals from the knowledge base entries.
  • Manual Index: Generate index for the above manual.
  • Knowledge base register: List of documents

  • Classification of tasks
  • Departments
  • Topics for communication
  • Product
  • Document